Defending the ocean for all life on Earth


shutterstock_269831837Many kinds of personal care product such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, soap, make-up and sunscreen contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to the marine environment, killing fish, coral and other species. Yet it is entirely possible to replace the chemicals in these products with ones that are kinder to the ocean.

Products that do not contain any of these marine-toxic ingredients will be able to apply for a MarineSafe assurance mark, which is a demonstration to consumers that they have a reduced impact on the ocean, making it easier to choose to pollute less.

Alongside the certification scheme, we are also developing an App that will help consumers to read labels and look for products that do not include these entirely-replaceable pollutants but have not yet applied for the MarineSafe Mark.

A list of the marine-toxic ingredients that have already been identified in scientific literature is available here. A Certification Board operating to strict protocols will control use of the MarineSafe Mark, so consumers can have every confidence in their purchase. This is being established based on criteria developed at the IPSO scientific workshop held in the spring of 2016.