Defending the ocean for all life on Earth

Governments and authorities

water_lightThe creation of MarineSafe Zones under the expert guidance of our scientific and policy advisors can provide immediate relief for damaged and depleted areas of coast, especially those containing reefs and other vulnerable habitats. The application of a Zone can help to minimise the effect of a bleaching event, for example, and improve the likelihood of recovery.

We are developing MarineSafe projects that work with a range of ocean users and businesses to protect specific areas at risk from high tourism. These projects are tailor-made for the local situation and are designed to identify and address the broader range of stressors and examine solutions to these.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more or to discuss a project with us.

You can also adopt the code of conduct developed by the IPSO scientific working group of pollution, as follows:

  • Acknowledge this is an issue for ocean health and wellbeing
  • Adopt the code of conduct
  • Action the code in policy and legislation