Defending the ocean for all life on Earth

Safe Zones

We can all make a difference to the amount of pollution reaching the ocean through a small adjustment in our behaviour, and MarineSafe Zones will be established to help encourage and facilitate this.

A coastal MarineSafe Zone can be declared anywhere – on a beach, cruise ship, dive school, boat, shop, restaurant or hotel. Anyone visiting the Zone is asked to avoid wearing marine-toxic sunscreen or other products when they enter the water and to leave their single-use plastic at home.

MS_flags_RGB_HR_editCompanies, businesses or local governments declaring MarineSafe Zones are committing to phasing out products such as soap or sunscreen that contain marine-toxic ingredients as well as single-use plastic in the form of bags and drinks bottles – products most likely to be left at the site. Individual Zones can take these actions further, while those with highly vulnerable marine areas such as nurseries, spawning grounds or coral reefs may choose to impose bans and broader exclusions.

Coastal areas with high tourism are particularly at risk and in need of action to prevent this kind of pollution, but even thousands of miles from the ocean we still cause damage. For this reason Zones can be established anywhere to help raise awareness that our daily actions reach far out to sea and to help minimise the amount of pollution generated. Any attraction, shop, event, park or area can declare a MarineSafe Zone to benefit the ocean, the local environment and fresh-water systems.