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Zone hosts

Set up a Zone!

You don’t have to be by the ocean to establish a MarineSafe Zone – part of our work is to help people remember the vulnerability of the ocean and their impact upon it wherever they are.

To set up a Zone you need to commit to:

  • offering alternatives to sunscreen products containing pollutants
  • reducing and ultimately phasing out single-use plastic bags and drinks bottles (to help you, we have case studies of shops that have already done this)
  • putting up MarineSafe materials to identify the Zone.

There are other ways you can improve your own MarineSafe-ty and provide a better service to your visitors and the ocean and we’re happy to talk to you about these.

Once the Zones have officially launched, people will be able to find your site easily through our website and other fora.

Get in touch here to begin discussing your Zone.