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Source: Washington Post
Author: Chelsea Harvey

Corals in one of the world’s most diverse corners of the ocean have been ravaged by the ongoing effects of a global bleaching event, scientists say — and nobody’s sure how long it may take them to recover or what they might look like afterwards. The reefs around the U.S. territory of Guam and other nearby islands in what’s known as the Marianas archipelago have been suffering since 2013, and the pattern is only expected to continue through the rest of this summer. Continue reading ‘I cried…right into my mask’: Scientists say Guam’s reefs have bleached four years straight


Source: Washington Post
Author: Rachel Feltman

It can be easy to forget that coral are animals. Reefs look more like gorgeous marine gardens drifting in a breeze than they do colonies of invertebrates. Thanks to a new microscope — one that works under up to 100 feet of water, capturing tiny objects at high resolution despite the distortion of the sea — you can see these mysterious creatures in a whole new light. Continue reading Watch incredible microscopic video of corals kissing, growing and fighting


Source: Virgin Unite
Author: Craig Downs

The state of the world’s coral reefs will be under the spotlight next month at the thirteenth International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Hawaii.

Whilst assessing the impact of climate change and agricultural pollution on coral structures, scientists will be looking at a less-well known threat – pollution of the marine environment by personal care products (PCPs), including sunscreen. Continue reading How sunscreen is putting coral reefs at risk